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METAL Buildings

18x30 Vertical Roof Style Metal Building

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20x50 Combo Utility Building

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30x65x12 Utility Carport

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18x35x10 Metal Garage with Carport

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Steel Carports with Storage Building

EB Carports & Metal Structures Inc, understands the metal building market and we know that our clients have tons of options when it comes to making a purchase.
We are happy to offer buildings in customizable sizes and a range of colors and designs. 

Uses of Combo Carports

Design your combination metal building with distinct compartments tailored for storage and workspace, or personalize the interior layout to align with your specific needs. The spacious layout allows for efficient organization and optimization of both storage and workspaces, enhancing functionality. Enjoy the convenience and adaptability offered by a meticulously designed combo building that accommodates your individual needs, effectively supporting your business operations or personal projects.

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Check our our photo gallery. Whether you’re looking for small storage solutions up to wide span workshops. We have the one for you.

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Check out our photo gallery. See a building you’re interested in? Let us know! All of our structures are completely customizable to fit your needs.

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